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Seattle Seahawks - Qwest Field

Seattle Seahawks - Qwest Field

Qwest Field is located in Seattle, Washington and is home to the Seattle Seahawks.  Before Qwest Field was built, both the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Mariners played at the Kingdome.  When Ken Behring threatened to sell the Seattle Seahawks in 1995, after a new stadium county bound failed, Paul Allen acquired the team and looked to build a new facility.  Construction on the new stadium was underway in April of 2000 and cost an approximately 430 million dollars, making it one of the most expensive facilities in the National Football League.  Qwest Field opened its doors to the public two years later on July 28th, 2002. 

The design of Qwest Field is a U-shape and the fans in the north end of the stadium can view downtown Seattle, which is a nice addition for Seahawks fans.  There is also a 13-story tower, nicknamed the “Hawk Nest”, which can seat up to 3,000 fans and has a vertical scoreboard at the top.  Qwest Field is also the very first NFL stadium to have luxury suites located on the field of play.  At first, it was thought the stadium would have a retractable roof (it looks like it was designed with those intentions) but Paul Allen wanted to keep it as a traditional outdoor NFL stadium.  Even though the stadium is not enclosed, it is said to be one of the loudest stadiums in the National Football League, giving the Seattle Seahawks a huge advantage in their home games.  Paul Allen designed the stadium so that all the noise would be directed back at the field.  The noise can get so loud to even register a 3.0 on the Richter scale.  The outside of the stadium is also very unique.  The exterior is a red brick with white painted steel that are used as support for the roof.

Qwest Field is home to many other sporting events besides the Seattle Seahawks.  The NCAA has had many football games played at Qwest Field including Washington vs. Air Force, Washington State vs. Idaho, and Wake Forest vs. Oregon.  Many of the top high school football teams have played some of their biggest games at Qwest Field.  Besides football, Qwest Field is widely used for soccer and is the home stadium for the Sounders FC.  The shape of Qwest Field was well designed for many different sports and Seattle takes advantage of all the uses.